David Richardson

Gun Reform

After Pulse, Parkland, and too many other tragedies, it is painfully clear that gun violence is a national public health crisis. In Congress I will fight to ban bump stocks, take assault weapons off our streets, and raise the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21—just like I did in the State Legislature.

Gun violence touches so many lives across this country and impacts countless communities in Florida. After Pulse, I traveled to Orlando to demand action and grieve with LGBT friends and families affected by the tragedy. After Las Vegas, I put forth a bill that banned bump stocks in the state of Florida, yet the NRA-backed Republicans in the State Legislature wouldn’t hear it. After Parkand, I personally spoke with Governor Scott to demand action. While my original bump stock ban language was included in the omnibus bill that passed, I couldn’t support the pro-gun position of arming teachers. More guns are not the answer.

We are constantly reminded that gun violence is a national issue, and Congressional action is long overdue. Beyond the mass shootings we see in the headlines, the gun violence is a persistent public health crisis, especially in marginalized communities. I proudly have an “F” rating from the NRA, and I’ll never take money from gun manufacturers. I’ve fought against the NRA for the last six years in the State Legislature, and I’ll keep fighting in Congress. 

Policy Priorities:

  1. Pass Universal Mandatory Background Checks. In order to prevent those with criminal records and other ineligible individuals from obtaining firearms, our country should expand background checks. This includes closing the gun show loophole, which will require private sellers at gun shows to perform background checks. 
  2. Ban Assault Weapons. Weapons of war must not be on our streets. Assault weapons were used in two of the tragic mass shootings in our state at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and at the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. These guns allow shooters to inflict maximum damage in a short amount of time. I support an assault weapons ban to get these high powered weapons out of our communities and prevent future tragedies.
  3. Ban High Capacity Magazines. High-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds serve only one purpose: to allow someone to shoot as many bullets as possible in the shortest amount of time. These magazines are devastating and need to be banned.
  4. Ban Bump Stocks. I will fight to ban thepurchase, sale, transfer, possession of bump stocks across America, just like I fought for it in Florida. 
  5. Raise the Age of Purchase to 21. The minimum age to purchase a gun should be raised to 21. This common-sense measure will limit the guns in our neighborhoods and schools.
  6. Eliminate Restrictions on the ATF. The gun industry has operated largely unchecked for far too long. The ATF, the only federal agency with jurisdiction to regulate the gun industry, has been operating with one hand tied behind its back. It can’t digitize the records of gun sales or require gun dealers to conduct annual inventory checks to make sure they aren’t missing any guns. I worked in federal contract accounting for many years, and I know that this is no way for a government agency to be run.

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