David Richardson


The American healthcare system is broken, and we can't keep relying on patchwork subsidies to fix it. From day one of my campaign, I've fought for Medicare-for-All, to control prescription drug costs, stabilize the insurance pool, and provide life-saving care to those that need it.

Seven years before she passed, my mother was diagnosed with dementia. My brother and I spent a lot of time managing her affairs and trying to lessen her discomfort, but she spent the final moments of her life in a state of constant pain and severe anxiety. It was difficult for us to watch. Thankfully, Medicare coverage was her saving grace, like it was for so many families with similar stories. But 85% of Americans are unable to use Medicare to shield themselves from skyrocketing healthcare costs. 

Our healthcare system provides less care for more money compared to every other developed country in the world. Americans are trapped by profit-focused private insurance companies into paying too much for prescription drugs. Too many patients decline or are denied life saving treatments due to cost. And too many family members have to leave their jobs to become caregivers. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Policy Actions:

In the State Legislature, I introduced a statewide Medicare-for-All bill. 

In Congress, I will be proud to stand with progressives like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others in supporting the Medicare-for-All plan currently in Congress.

This plan will save the average family of four making $50,000 per year more than $4,400 on healthcare costs every year.  That average family will no longer be overcharged $5,200 per year in healthcare premiums. Instead, that family only pays $844 per year to support the more efficient Medicare-for-All.

Business would save over $9,000 on average per employee per year with Medicare-for-All. Instead of paying the average $12,865 for a worker with a family of four that makes $50,000 per year, employers would pay a small 7.5% payroll tax increase that amounts to $3,750 on average. 

Medicare-for-All will save money, save lives, and put people over profits for the first time in the history of American healthcare.

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