David Richardson

Restore Voting Rights

Instead of changing their ways, Republicans are changing who can vote. The right to vote is our most basic American value, and I will protect it in Congress.

David with supporter out of the voting polls.In 2013 the Supreme Court removed key provisions of the Voting Rights Act. Since then, Republican governors and lawmakers across the country have proposed and passed laws making it harder to vote. They have systematically disenfranchised millions of voters—particularly people of color, poor people, and young people. The Republican agenda is rigged to help Wall Street, not ordinary people. Instead of changing their ways, Republicans are changing who can vote. This goes against the core principles of our country and needs to be stopped.

This issue is particularly important to Florida, where Governor Rick Scott has done everything in his power to restrict the vote and is vocally opposed to the ballot amendment to restore rights to ex-felons. Governor Scott has also obstructed voting access to students on college campuses in Florida. In Congress, I’ll stand up for voting rights for all Americans.

Policy Positions:

  1. Support legislation that identifies states which have voting laws are that found by independent commission to suppress voter turnout, and require those states to implement corrective action.
  2. Support federal funding to protect elections from foreign interference

David talking with voters

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