David Richardson

Meet David

David Richardson is a courageous progressive running for Congress to bring responsible and forward-thinking solutions to the problems we face on the local, state and national levels.

Upon winning election to the Florida House of Representatives in 2012, David became the first-elected openly gay state legislator in Florida’s history. He quickly earned the respect of his colleagues for his groundbreaking work on criminal justice and prison reform, support for sensible gun violence prevention measures, promotion of traditional public schools, and steadfast commitment to civil liberties and equal rights for all. David has shown that he is a doer – not just another political talker.

In the state legislature, he has made reforming Florida’s corrupt, for-profit prison system a top priority. Faced with a system which the Miami Herald says “worked to the advantage of the private prison companies and the disadvantage of tax-payers,” he took bold action and “revealed evidence of officer-on-inmate violence at youthful offender facilities, caught officers withholding food from inmates, and persuaded the Department of Corrections to close down Lancaster Correctional Institution,” a prison incarcerating youth. Since then he has continued to expose barbaric practices and harrowing conditions at facilities across Florida, forcing an impassioned debate about government ethics, human rights, and the fundamental values we uphold as a society.

In Washington, David will engage this same unflagging spirit as he stands up to the Trump Administration and its extremist agenda.  He’ll work to implement a single-payer healthcare system, reinstate the Paris Climate Accord, and protect as well as expand upon the great strides we have made in this country on the rights of women, Hispanics, African Americans, the LGBT community and other minority groups.

David is exactly the kind of fierce and tenacious Democratic lawmaker we need in DC right now. His candidacy presents us with our best opportunity in the entire country to send a courageous and principled progressive to Congress, to flip a Republican district blue, and to fight back against a president who lacks the moral authority to lead.

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